Lungwort plant with purple and blue flowers

6 Best Herbs to Protect Your Respiratory System

Our lungs never rest. They keep life-giving oxygen flowing into our bodies while expelling carbon dioxide in a rhythmic exchange that is one of the many marvels of human physiology. A properly functioning respiratory system is incredibly important to good health, but the lungs also represent a delicate organ that is constantly under attack from environmental forces in the modern age. Everything that hangs in the air can potentially pass into your lungs, and some of those substances can wear on the health of this vital organ.

Fortunately, there are a host of holistic medicine remedies that can help you protect your respiratory system from ambient threats in the air, whether they stem from smog, pollution, excess ozone, smoke from wildfires, or viruses and bacteria. These herbal medicines can help you prevent illness and lung damage by proactively strengthening your lungs and girding them against threats.

By using herbal remedies proposed by practitioners of holistic medicine in Arlington Heights, IL, you can safely and gently protect your respiratory system from potential issues. Keep reading to learn how to protect your lungs with these 6 powerful herbs.


Peppermint isn’t just a delicious additive that can provide a pop of flavor to your favorite dishes and teas. It’s also a power natural antihistamine, which means it can be particularly helpful in supporting the health of the respiratory system. It can prevent foreign bodies and allergens from causing inflammation in your respiratory tract, which keeps airways free and open.

Osha Root

This powerful herb hailing from the Rocky Mountains has been used by indigenous cultures for centuries as a respiratory system cure-all. The root of the plant is used to cure coughs and colds as well as a wide range of other lung related conditions. It relieves congestion while also increasing blood flow to the lungs. That one-two punch makes it a powerful full-spectrum lung care herb.


Mullein has long been known as a lung-boosting plant that is a keystone of traditional medicine. This weedy herb can be taken internally when a dry cough or scratchy throat is among the symptoms, as it increases production of mucous in inflamed membranes. It can also be formulated into a poultice that is spread on the chest to draw out infection and reduce inflammation.

Lungwort plant with purple and blue flowers


Another long-used herb for respiratory health is lungwort, a weed known to grow in damp, pristine locations. The herb is rich in antioxidants that support over health but are particularly effective in boosting respiratory function. It’s been used since at least the 1600s as a lung remedy and is ground into a powder for supplement use or used as a tea.


Astragalus is an herb that provides a powerful proactive measure that can help fight off respiratory illnesses such as the flu. It’s loaded with antioxidants so it’s an effective immune system booster. That makes it perfect for fighting off colds and flu. It’s also an effective treatment for asthma as well.

Plantain Leaf

Plantain leaf is a common, widespread herb that grows close to the ground in a radial pattern not unlike a dandelion. It’s not associated with the fruit of the same name but can be found in overgrown lawns and meadows. Its primarily used as a topical application, but it provides soothing relief to respiratory distress and inflammation.

Protecting your lungs is an investment in your overall health given the importance of a properly functioning respiratory system. To learn more about herbs that can be used to improve lung health holistically, contact Midwest Allergy Relief Centers at (847) 392-7901.