Holistic Allergy Treatment Services

Holistic medicine treatments are becoming more and more common due to being minimally invasive yet highly beneficial. We offer holistic allergy treatment for a variety of conditions, including food sensitivities; stimuli such as barometric pressure; motion sickness; humidity; EMFs; personal care items such as shampoos, soaps, and perfumes; and contactants such as fabrics, plastics, and chemicals. Our holistic allergy treatment in Arlington Heights, IL, has been proven to help countless people combat their allergy symptoms. Our alternative allergy treatment is gentle and safe for anyone from infants to seniors. We use a biofeedback system to determine what components are a stressor for you and treat with gentle pressure down the sides of the spine which correlate with the sympathetic nervous system, taking your body out of stress mode and putting it into relaxation mode when exposed to the substance being treated for. Holistic remedies for allergies are designed to be minimally invasive because we put your health above all else. Holistic treatments will deliver quality results without any nagging symptoms, so you can be sure you’re free to live life to the fullest.

Holistic Allergy Treatment Arlington Heights, IL

InLight Medical Infrared Light Therapy

Near infrared light is the shortest wavelength, which means it can penetrate the deepest and bring healing to many tissues in the body. How does it work? Infrared light causes the release of nitric oxide, which improves circulation by causing development of new blood vessels along with helping existing blood vessels to dilate, resulting in better blood flow. With better circulation, the blood can bring more nutrients to cells for repair and maintenance of the tissues. It also can bring more waste products away from the tissues, allowing for the tissues to do the job they were meant to do instead of being clogged up with “garbage.” Another benefit of infrared light therapy is improved lymph flow. Lymph ducts dilate, allowing for better emptying of lymph nodes, again removing “garbage” from our lymph system. All of this results in improved health. Infrared light therapy is FDA approved for improved circulation and pain relief. Although many of our patients are seeing unbelievable results in improved skin texture, mood disorders, regrowth of hair, and quicker healing times of injuries, the list of benefits we see is truly endless.


We have recently introduced testing and treating for systemic candida overgrowth. We find that many people with severe or numerous sensitivities typically have an underlying candida overgrowth. What is that? We all have small amounts of candida in our gut, mucus membranes, and on our skin. What causes a candida overgrowth? When we consume foods with high sugar content or alcohol, we put ourselves at risk for a candida overgrowth. Candida loves these foods. When we take medication such as birth control pills or antibiotics, it can also put us at risk for candida overgrowth. Other risk factors include stress, depressed immune system, pregnancy, and lack of good flora in the gut.

Based in Arlington Heights, IL, Midwest Allergy Relief is proud to provide holistic medicine remedies to those in need. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment programs!