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Little Girl with Allergies Blowing Nose with Tissue

Tips for Reducing Allergies in Children

Allergies in children are very unpleasant, but they can be dangerous as well. Extreme allergic reactions to food or pollen

Woman with allergies

Ways to Clear Your Seasonal Allergies Naturally

Millions of people suffer from irritating seasonal allergies, so if you have firsthand experience with hay fever, you’re not alone.

Ginger root and powder

Ways to Add Ginger to Your Breakfast Routine

Ginger is an incredible superfood with powerful medicinal properties. Among its many health benefits, studies have shown that ginger can

Spoon of honey

Can Allergies Be Treated with Honey?

Millions of Americans struggle with seasonal allergies every year. It’s tough to deal with congestion, sinus pressure, watery or itchy

Sore throat

Is There Any Connection between a Sore Throat and Allergies

A sore throat isn’t always an easy fix. Sometimes simply sucking on a lozenge simply isn’t enough. If you tend

Lady Blowing Her Nose with Tissue and Standing in Middle of Two People Holding a Dog and Flowers on Each Side

Everything You Need to Know About Integrative Holistic Medicine

Many people who suffer from chronic allergies, aches, and pains will go down the traditional path of Western medicine. While

Anxious young girl

Is There a Link between Food Allergies and Childhood Anxiety?

Nowadays, more and more children are dealing with food allergies at a young age. These rising numbers have sparked the

Keto diet foods

Will the Keto Diet Help Fight a Flu?

A 2019 Yale study published in Science Immunology is making waves in the keto community. The research suggests that being

Allergy Caution Sign

Making Your House Allergy-Proof This Season

The changing seasons are beautiful unless you’re an allergy sufferer. If you have allergies, the falling leaves and dropping temperatures

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Reducing the Effect of Winter Allergies

Winter can mean a lot of different things, but for allergy sufferers, the best part of winter is that there’s