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Apply essential oil

Essential Oils That Work Best for Nausea

Nausea is a symptom that can be brought on by many conditions and circumstances, including pregnancy, stomach viruses, motion sickness,

Red light therapy

Light Therapy vs. Near-Infrared Therapy

It has long been known that light and human health are connected. Until the development of the laser and further

Woman with asthma using an inhaler

Fragrance Sensitivity and Asthma: Is There A Link?

People with Asthma are well aware that there are many things they need to avoid, but it may have never

Woman with Stomach Problems in Need of Holistic and Alternative Medicine in Arlington Heights IL

Things You Should Know about Food Sensitivities

Have you ever tried to eat a new food, only to realize later that you feel sick? Either allergies or

All You Should Know about Motion Sickness

You may have experienced motion sickness, also known as becoming seasick or carsick or having vertigo. You may have been

Welcome to Indoor Allergy Season Pt. 2: Pet Hair and Dust Mites

In our first installment of our Indoor Allergy Season series we discussed some symptoms of and solutions for mold and

Welcome to Indoor Allergy Season Pt. 1: Mold and Fungus

Just when you thought your allergies were going away, they pull you right back in! The pollen count may be


Going Mental: Migraine 101

A headache can make it hard to concentrate for a while, but, for most people, a couple of ibuprofen can

How to Tell if You Have a Food Sensitivity or Intolerance

Not all symptoms are created equal. Have you been seeing a flair up of acne, noticed joint pain or an