Debunking Natural Allergy Remedy Myths

Allergies interfere with your daily life and leave you feeling unlike yourself for days or weeks at a time. Many people continue to suffer needlessly because they’re buying into allergy myths and delaying relief.

Are you falling for any of these 5 allergy myths?

  1. Allergies are only seasonal: Environmental allergy symptoms aren’t always seasonal. While it’s true that certain grasses and trees create more problems for people in the spring or early summer than other times, other environmental allergens affect people year-round. These allergens include pet dander or even dust mites in your home.
  2. Allergens can’t follow you indoors: Unfortunately, allergens can make their way into your home via clothes, hair, and skin. While you can wash your clothes, vacuum, clean, and wash your sheets regularly, you may need the help of a professional to completely rid yourself of your symptoms.
  3. Medications are the only solution: While many believe allergy medications are the only option for a symptom-free life, they aren’t for everyone. Instead, it’s best to explore a myriad of treatments before selecting the right one for you. Many find that natural remedies are more helpful than antihistamines.
  4. My pet is hypoallergenic, so I can’t be allergic: Unfortunately, that’s not true because pet allergens aren’t only found in the fur. These allergens are also present in saliva.
  5. There’s no cure for my allergies: Cure is a strong word. However, if you follow a customized treatment plan, it’s possible that you could se a considerable amount of relief.

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