Little Girl with Allergies Blowing Nose with Tissue

Tips for Reducing Allergies in Children

Allergies in children are very unpleasant, but they can be dangerous as well. Extreme allergic reactions to food or pollen can result in respiratory illnesses, which may only get worse if left untreated. Thankfully, there are holistic remedies for allergies in Arlington Heights, IL. Here are some steps you can take to reduce the effects allergies have on your child.

Promote a Healthy Diet

This is good advice for anyone, but the diet plays a pivotal role in the severity of a child’s allergies. You can start early by making sure you breastfeed your child for the first 4 to 6 months of their life. If this isn’t possible, hypoallergenic formula is a good substitute. This will prevent atopic dermatitis and milk allergy while strengthening the child’s immune system. As they get older, feed them foods that are easy to digest like stewed vegetables, and as their diet develops, gradually introduce more allergenic foods such as nuts and shellfish.

Clean Indoor Air

Some of the most allergenic items a child is exposed to are floating in the air inside your own home. This is especially the case with dust mites. Make sure your HVAC or air conditioner is working properly. You want to clean or replace old filters and keep the humidity in the home below 50%. Reducing a child’s exposure to dust mites at an early age can prevent the onset of allergic reactions and asthma-like symptoms. It’s unclear what effect pets in the house have. There’s some evidence that early exposure may prevent the development of pet allergies, but this isn’t proven. Either way, filtering your air to prevent the presence of airborne particles will contribute to better respiratory health for your child.

Let Them Play in the Dirt

While the positive impact of letting kids get dirty can be overstated, don’t be hesitant about allowing your child to get in contact with dirt, bugs, and microbes. Bacteria and other microbes are necessary for digestion and other bodily functions, and there is evidence that kids who grow up on farms where they’re surrounded by soil and animals are less likely to develop allergies.

Clean Up Afterwards

As helpful as a little dirt can be, kids should wash their hands and faces thoroughly after playtime. Pollen will adhere to them while they’re outdoors, so cleaning themselves thoroughly when they get inside will keep the pollen from being let loose in the house or on their person when they go to bed. If they suffer allergic reactions while outside, remind them to avoid rubbing their eyes as this will only exacerbate the situation.

Holistic Treatments

Many parents have discovered the benefits of seeking holistic alternative medicine in Arlington Heights, IL. Designed to be minimally invasive, holistic treatments have shown to be an effective alternative to modern medicine’s dependency on chemicals, which can have a negative impact on a child’s developing immune system.

If your child is suffering from allergies, contact the professionals at Midwest Allergy Relief Centers. We’re experts at providing holistic medicine for allergy in Arlington Heights, IL, and have provided relief for countless patients just like your child. Schedule an appointment with us today at (847) 392-7901.