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Tips to Improve Your Sleep Health Without Prescription Medication

Everyone experiences sleep disruptions in different ways. Maybe you can fall asleep easily, but wake up constantly throughout the night. Maybe you toss and turn in the early evening, then fall into a deep sleep minutes before your morning alarm. Regardless of what your sleep disruption pattern is, you know it’s not healthy and you know it has to change. Losing sleep can completely strip us of our energy, focus, and productivity. Terrible sleep patterns can also negatively affect our health. However, many of us aren’t willing to become dependent on sleeping pills that are prescribed by a doctor. If you’re one of these people, remember that there are natural ways to create healthy sleep patterns without the use of heavy drugs.

Consider All the Senses

The first thing you should do is evaluate your sleep environment. Is your mattress and pillow comfortable? Do you sleep next to someone who snores? Does the early morning light or the blinking time of an alarm clock wake you up? How does the room smell? Consider all of your senses and bring elements into your sleep environment to help combat these disturbances. For instance, earplugs, a sleep mask, a white noise machine, or the smell of lavender can all help you create the perfect sleeping environment.

Gentle Yoga or Meditation

Sometimes we have to calm the mind and body before we rest. If you feel tightness in your back and shoulders throughout the night, it’s your body’s way of reminding you that it needs a little extra love and care. Gentle stretching, such as forward bends, heart-opening backbends, and simple spinal twists can lightly squeeze some of that tension out of your body and prepare you for a restful sleep.

Meditation is also highly recommended. If you have a difficult time shutting down your racing thoughts when you’re trying to drift off to sleep, meditation can be very helpful. Sit in a comfortable position on the floor or lay flat. Bring your attention to your breath. You can create your own sleep mantra, count backward, or just simply clear your mind of toxic thoughts.

Woman looking at cellphone in bed

Cut Down on Screen Time

We live in a world where we’re constantly connected to our smartphones, laptops, or tablets. It’s common for many people to keep their phones right at their bedside tables. You might think it’s harmless to surf the web, play a game, or text right before you lay down. But the truth is, that blue light that’s emitted from your screen will stimulate your mind and make it much more difficult to fall asleep. Be sure to cut down on your screen time before bed. The experts in holistic and alternative medicine over at the Midwest Allergy Relief Centers recommend putting phones and tablets away at least 30-minutes before your bedtime.

If you have other questions about healthy sleep schedules, contact a holistic allergist in Arlington Heights, IL. They can give you other tips on creating a healthy sleep routine or recommend natural herbs or supplements that help promote sleep. Give them a call today to learn more about why healthy sleep patterns are so important!