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What Makes Your Seasonal Allergies Worse

The sneezing, the itching, the dry and burning eyes! There’s nothing quite like allergy season! Unfortunately, for some people, taking more medication just brings on more unpleasant symptoms like headaches and drowsiness. That’s why it’s so important to discover all of the natural ways we can suppress our allergies and allergy symptoms. Part of that is exploring all of the random things out there that could possibly be making our allergies worse. Below is a list of things that you should try to stay away from this allergy season.


Most people suffering from allergies aren’t so thrilled to see this on the list, but it’s true! Alcohol, specifically histamines in wine and gluten in beer, could be causing your nose to stuff up and your eyes to water. In addition, sulfites that are found in wine are known to spark up allergy symptoms as well. If you already feel like your seasonal allergies are bad, cutting back on alcohol can help.

Pollen-Like Proteins

While it may seem like it’s always a good idea to eat your fruits and veggies, some of these foods could be making your allergies worse. If you’re already allergic to pollen and you notice some nasty reactions every time you eat things like tomatoes, apples, or cantaloupe, you could be suffering from oral allergy syndrome. This is when pollen allergy symptoms worsen due to pollen-like proteins that are found in certain fruits and vegetables.

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A recent study from Ohio State University found that when tracking allergy symptoms of certain patients over a period of time, their allergies became worse when experiencing high levels of stress. This means that when you feel your seasonal allergies get worse, it’s time to take a break. Remember to try things like yoga, meditation, or a hot bath when you feel too stuffy.

Laundry Detergent

Those laundry detergents that contain certain scents, such as sea breeze, lavender, or wildflowers, could make your clothes smell great, but make your allergies much worse. Try to look for detergents that are clean and made from natural ingredients. It’s also recommended to wash your clothes in hot water rather than room-temperature or cold water. Hot water can kill more allergens that could be living in your favorite sweater.

Contact Lenses

When pollen season rolls around, your contact lenses could be making your burning and itchy eye symptoms much worse. Small pollen particles can easily get trapped on your lenses. Even if you hate wearing glasses, wearing them during allergy season could offer a lot of relief.

Perfume or Scented Candles

People who suffer from bad allergies rarely enjoy a scented candle or strong perfume, but sometimes we forget because they can be so lovely! Try to remove scented candles from the home, even if you don’t burn them. The scents can still be quite powerful without being lit. In addition, ask co-workers, roommates, and family members to kindly refrain from wearing perfume during allergy season.

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